Fall tips to help keep your home in great condition

Tree and bush trimming is good to do in the since most go dormant in the fall.  Trim branches back so that your siding and roof will not get scratched during windy days. Trees are also less likely to get disease this time of year as well.

Raking leaves and cleaning gutters is an annual event and depending on how many trees are in your yard you may need to do a couple of times. Some people will rake and bag leaves for the city to take. Another idea that will actually feed your lawn is to mow over the leaves into tiny pieces that will then decompost and feed nutrients back into you soil.

Finish up any exterior repairs and seal up any of those gaps. Mice will be looking for warm places to hang for the winter and homes are great for them. A mouse only needs a small gap to fit through.  Caulk on the exterior of your home where needed to help prevent water infiltration and air leaks.

Weather stripping around your entrance doors may be getting worn so check those out. It is easy to not notice these wearing out as they can get rubbed from normal passing through the door carrying things or from pets who sometimes will scratch or chew them. 

Ice melt and ice scrappers are two items that you should have before they are actually needed. So next time at the store grab a bag of ice melt and a scrapper if you do have one in your car currently. Also have an emergency kit in your car in case your get stuck somewhere.

If you have a wood stove or fireplace it is time to get the flue cleaned. I recommend doing that ASAP because the chimney sweep may be heavily scheduled late in the fall.

Regarding wood stoves and fireplaces time to double check your firewood supply and make certain that it is still protected from wet weather. 

Garden hoses should be disconnected from the hose bib and stored while the water valve to the hose bib is shut off and the hose bib valve opened to allow that last bit of water to drain out. Do this to help prevent frozen and then damaged pipes.

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