Reasons that living in Columbus, Ohio is awesome:

Columbus has a generally low cost of living

Columbus is significantly cheaper to live in than, for example: New York, NY; Miami, Fl; and Chicago, IL. To maintain the same standard of living, you would need to make $93,924 in New York, $62,459 in Miami, and $63,288 in Chicago compared to $50,000 in Columbus.

We're smart

It's true: in 2013, The Intelligent Communities Forum named Columbus one of the seven most intelligent cities in the world. It was the only American city to make the list. There are also several colleges in the area as well as The Ohio State University.

We're a younger city

 We are a city with a younger average demographic. For people with kids, we're also a very kid-friendly city. There are plenty of activities for children to enjoy, such as the Columbus Zoo, COSI,Columbus Commons, and the  Children's Theater.

LGBT+ friendly

Columbus is an incredibly open-minded city, and has a very prominent LGBT+ community. With Stonewall Columbus' programs and a giant Gay Pride Festival held annually, it's no wonder that the New York Times
once called us the gay Mecca of the Midwest.

The art scene is fantastic

Columbus is the best place for people who love art. There's the:
Columbus Museum of Art, the Wexner Center, the Columbus Arts Festival, Gallery Hop... not to mention the Columbus College of Art and Design. If you prefer theater, that's great! We get plenty of traveling shows
and musicals with the Ohio Theater and the Palace Theater.

We have great food

Columbus isn't known for one certain kind of food, because we have everything. Late Night Slice, Schmidt's, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, and the North Market are just a few popular choices. There are also lots of food trucks to greatly add to the variety of foods available.

Poised for growth   Columbus was recently named as one of America‚Äôs next boom towns. From the below article link: "Columbus had the highest level of wage growth in the US in 2015, was ranked #1 for Cost of Living in 2015 by the Council for Community & Economic Research, and was named by Kotkin himself in 2011 as the #3 US city for tech-sector jobs."  Columbus also had 10.8 percent job growth rate from 2010 to 2015, and a population growth of nearly five percent over the past four years. Great signs for those seeking employment.

Move to Columbus and see for yourself why I think Columbus is such a
great place to live.

written by Kat's Media 

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